Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tutorial: clay penguins!

my friend amy over at the Relentless Bride offers free giveaways and prizes, and she graciously allowed me to participate! as a friend suggested i do a tutorial on my clay, i decided to take some pictures of the creation process of these two little guys..  take a look :)

this is the clay i normally use. sculpey or Fimo, both are very similar in texture. actually i think i'm a bit partial to fimo now. :)   they are very soft and easy to work with. i'd say the only complaint is that sometimes the colored clay gets all over your hands and kinda stains your hands/clothes.

so i used the blue clay and shaped them into the penguin bodies... and i baked them at 230 degrees for 30 min as the fimo clay directions say to do.

then i took my paint (i buy at michael's) and did a first coat for the front of the penguins

this is what it looks like. i think you need to do 2+ coats when using this type of paint if you want it to look more opaque.

I also took some clay in order to create the feet and beaks.  after i bake them, i'll need to paint them yellow (i didn't have yellow clay)...

also, this is how i made some flowers for the bouquet and the one in the girl penguin's 'hair'

here is a close up of the unpainted feet, a pair of wings, and the bouquet the girl will be holding..

here are the pieces i've baked and painted.. the bowtie for the male penguin, the feet painted yellow a few coats, and i went over the white a few more times, probably 4 coats of white paint for the penguin's bodies!

i'm gluing the pieces on w/ krazy glue! slowly but surely it is coming together :)

i used black paint and toothpics to do the eyes. it's pretty easy to mess up the eyes =T!!! sometimes i redo them multiple times. this one wasn't too bad.   almost done!! just need to glue on the bowtie.......

and then glaze!  i think i did 4 coats....i use sculpey Air Drying glaze...




  1. What a great tutorial and you make it look so easy!

  2. these are so adorable! the bowtie and the flowers are a great touch, and everything is so nicely color-coordinated :)

  3. thanks!

    @chic'ncheapliving: thank you! i might even be making a video to show how to shape the clays!

    @shinae this was homage to your wedding actually! :D orange, blue and green!!! :)

  4. I love these! Where did you buy the wooden bit on the bottom and what are they called so I can google them :-) I would love something like this for my budget wedding! thanks

  5. Thanks!! got them at michael's in the unfinished wood section. you can also find them at joann's, they are around $0.50-1.25 depending on shape and size :)

  6. Thanks for a great tutorial :)

  7. you're welcome! if you've made some of your own, i'd love to see them! :)


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